Story and Photos by Coach Freddie Solomon, Special to the Sword and Shield

…The South Carolina Strength Meet [was held]…at Crestwood High School. These three young men [represented Keenan]: Junior Brandon Smalls,  wh[o] placed 4th in the state out of 28 lifters in the heavy weight class; Junior Davidmichael Clark, [who] placed 17th in the state out of 27 lifters in the 180 [pounds] class; and Sophomore Jeremy Austin, [who] placed 12th in the state out of 24 in the weight class of 190 [pounds]. They represented Keenan and earned respect from schools like [James F.] Byrnes [High School], Marlboro County [High School], North Augusta [High School], Crestwood [High School], Richland Northeast [High School] and Bamberg Ehrhardt [High School] just to name a few. [Keenan] competed against 88 other high school[s] in S[outh] C[arolina].

Coach Solomon is Keenan’s Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Junior Davidmichael Clark placed 17th out of 27 lifters in the 180 pounds class.
Junior Brandon Smalls receives his 4th place honor.
Sophomore Jeremy Austin placed 12th out of 24 lifters in the 190 pounds weight class.