By Tammaka Staley, News Writer

During the months of March, April and May of this year students accompanied by selected faculty and staff members are preparing for prom. Prom is a night of elegance for students to enjoy the company and fun of their peers before moving up to the next grade level or moving on to the next stage of their lives after leaving high school. Even though this night is very important to the Juniors and Seniors and also lot of fun, there is much that has to be done behind the scenes before the show goes on.

“I have to get a DJ, sell tickets, purchase decorations, set up chairs, order food and drinks and also have help to clean up afterwards. The whole process is very hectic, but worth the trouble in the end when most of the students are satisfied with the outcome,” Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, Junior Class Sponsor, said.

Not only do things have to be set up but the students have to get ready, too, and they have many opinions about prom as well. The 2011 prom theme is A Masquerade Affair”

“I think the theme could have been a little more exciting and unique because it is a common theme that many other schools use,” Senior Nadera Werts said.

Students feel strongly about the prom one of the most memorable moments of their high school careers.

“Some students are excited (and some are not) about prom because of the theme, and that makes it less effective,” Junior Tavonta Hilton said.

Whether the opinions about prom are negative or positive, either way, every student will remember his or time there and have some story to tell later on.